What's Trading?

With outright spot hipro soymeal in the UK tighter than a gnat's chuff, spot available Liverpool material traded three times yesterday at GBP317/tonne. Potential Humberside sellers at lower money failed to come up with any actual firm offers.

Next week is going to be tight, with the inevitable buyer who can't last through until April bound to surface. Currently, the first available position on soya that I know I can definitely get hold of is 6th April Liverpool and/or Humber.

Chicago might have closed lower, but I don't really see that making too much difference to the very nearby positions, and the pound is down against the dollar again this morning too.

Resale potentially available for most positions after that through to the summer months.

Talking of hen's teeth, looking for offers on EU wheat distillers in the north spot available too.

Some resale oddments kicking around that may be of interest: spot soya hulls Liverpool and Portbury, there are odd loads available and also spot citrus in Liverpool.

It's my birthday today, so I'm out and about for a large chunk of the day with fun-filled action packed frivolity ahead of me. First stop the local tip to dispose of the four tonnes of cardboard that my new toys came in, next Morrisons to get the beer in for tonight, after that it's Homebase, We live on the edge here in North Yorkshire. Shabba.