And So The Lost Shall Be Found

Wooohooo, my email addresses back-up has now been successfully imported after a fair old bit of pratting about it has to be said.

Now all I have to do is recover all the recent "please add me to your mailing list Nogger" emails and we are cooking on gas.

Thanks to Chris Tye of Dalmark for his kind and generous offer of an old Spectrum ZX to tide me over though.

Further laughs and jollity can be had from the Indian farm minister today I see:

"India has received inquiries from a number of countries for exporting wheat (to), federal Farm Minister Sharad Pawar said Thursday," reports Dow Jones.

Who's going to want to buy that heap of festering old rubbish then? Sharad old chum, fifteen million tonnes of soggy, black rubbish IS fifteen million tonnes of soggy black rubbish, NOT fifteen million tonnes of exportable wheat.