Asda To Move Into Grain Market?

Inspired by their recently launched "never knowingly undersold" campaign, Asda are said to be considering taking on the big boys by moving into the grain market with a "never knowingly overbought" package.

Anyone considering selling wheat simply sells it to Asda, and if they ultimately find that they could have got a better price elsewhere, they get a voucher entitling them to a full refund of the difference (plus a penny don't forget) when they sell next year's harvest also to Asda.

If, by some remote chance, you then find that you could also have got more money next year as well then you get a voucher for that too - plus that all important penny of course.

You can't go wrong can you?

What was it my Gran used to say? "Look after the pennies David, and the hagberg falling numbers will look after themselves." She was mad mind. I feel really guilty about putting those powdered down pills into her tea all those years. Still, I'd have never forgiven myself if I'd have got her pregnant.