Just in case you hadn't noticed the blog is only being updated with the bare minimum of info and effort this week. It is the Easter holidays after all. Also my old PC has died and gone to heaven.

My new(ish) PC, which had been sat unused in a box upstairs like an expectant father for at least twelve months, simply couldn't cut the mustard either. It was pre-installed with Windows Vista, which frankly is about as much use as a snake with t!ts.

So that has also been consigned to the computer scrap heap in the sky (well put to one side until I have the time to "downgrade" it to "comfy as a pair of slippers" XP).

My latest brand spanking new XP Pro PC is faster than that runner chap, no not the Jamaican bloke with only a very small todger who runs in the women's events, that Eugene Thingamejig or something. Eugene Bolt, is that the guy? I can't spell his real name so I can't very well look it up on Google can I, so we'll call him Eugene for now. Well it's faster than him.

So the good news is that I can now also work twice as fast as I did before.

More good news is that I will shortly resurrect the emailing of the blog headlines daily.

The bad news is that anyone who has requested them fairly recently may find that their incoming carefully saved email address will now have been lost to cyberspace. So if you want them, please fill in the form on the right, down a bit. Apologies for the inconvenience like, don't go straining you scroll down finger or anything will you.

Of course I'm not the sort of idiot who doesn't back up his email address book am I? No, I'm the sort of idiot who backs it up and assumes that one version of windows can easily read what another version of windows has piped out. My faith it seems may have been misplaced. I've far from given up on this yet, but it seems like file/import doesn't quite work. Leave it with me.

More bad news (for me) is that I will now have to pay for the privilege of providing you with these free headlines. You simply can't by-pass all this anti spam stuff without paying through the nose any more. I know that you will do the decent thing once those headlines start popping up in your inbox again.

Of course I may decide instead to allow a sponsor to pay for the outgoing emailing software & credits, in exchange for a stack of worldwide exposure. If only I could think of somebody who'd be interested in reaching the kind of discerning audience that this blog attracts.

Nope, I can't, so it looks like it's my round again.