Super Dairy Hits Setback From Lentil Munchers

The planned 8,100 cow 'super dairy' in Lincolnshire has had a setback I see, being forced to withdraw it's application to address some environmental issues.

Nocton Dairies say that they will be back with a renewed application later in the year.

The incredibly boringly named Vegetarians International Voice for Animals (or Viva! as they like to be known because it makes them sound more interesting) will doubtless be claiming victory.

Their online petition against the plans drew a whopping 4,000 signatures apparently. The Monster Raving Loony Party got more than that at the last election. And rightly so, their idea of a 99p coin "to save on change" is inspired.

Getting 4,000 votes proves that one person in every 15,250 in the country is against these super dairy plans, hardly a landslide. And it also kind of suggests that the other 15,249 are in favour of it doesn't it?

"We look forward to seeing what Nocton Dairies comes back with, but we remain completely opposed to this development and we look forward to round two," said Viva's campaign manager.

The lentil munching, sandal wearing freak. I just bet you right now that he's got a stupid little goatee beard and is only a veggie because it provides a convenient excuse never to take a bath. His face a mass of boils brought on by years of a hopelessly inadequate diet of probiotic bird food. Get a bacon butty down your neck son and shave those bloody dreadlocks off.