Supermarket Wars

Asda have said that as proof that they will not be beaten on price, they will give you the difference back if you can prove that you could have got your shopping cheaper elsewhere.

To qualify for your refund all you have to do is go to, and laboriously type in the details of your shop one by one.

If you find that you could indeed have bought your shopping cheaper elsewhere, then you get a voucher for the difference (plus a penny). Whoopeee!

You can then use this next time you go to Asda to buy your weekly shop (presumably also at dearer prices than you could have bought it elsewhere).

Unless your smart like me and only buy one item that you KNOW is cheaper elsewhere (there are probably rules against this but I can't be bothered to check).

So what's the point of that then? I know that Lucozade is cheaper in my local Costcutter than it is in Asda, but instead of going down the road to Costcutter to buy it, I will go to Asda instead to get a refundable voucher for the difference (plus a penny).

When I get there my car will get scratched in the sardine-esque car park, I will fight my way through the closely packed shelves, and every Mong in the surrounding environs (some of them in Asda uniform) dribbling onto my shoes, to triumphantly purchase my Lucozade at more money than I know it is in Costcutter.

I will then return home in a foul mood, shoes splattered in the saliva of half a dozen assorted Neanderthals, go to, where I then probably have to register and agree to have fifteen emails a day for life from them telling me that spam is on offer in Lidl and kumquats are 20p off in Waitrose, before printing out my voucher entitling me to go back again next week a penny richer and do it all again.

They haven't thought this through have they?