Ukraine Rapeseed Latest

The Ukraine Ag Ministry say that 295,100 hectares (20.8% of planted area) of winter rapeseed has perished due to the harsh winter. That's up from their estimate of 15.4% of planted area just a week ago.

Only 33% of the planted area is in good condition, they say, with 25.7% weak/thinned.

The official estimates now say that 377,000 hectares, or 26.6% of the planted area will need to be resown with spring rape.

the worst affected areas are the Vinnitsa region where 82,500 ha (61.8%) needs to be resown, the Kiev region – 36,900 (58.6%), the Khmelnitsky region – 36,500 (38.1%), and the Poltava region – 30,500 (80.3%).

Production this year will likely total 1.8 MMT, down from 1.84 MMT in 2009, they say.

They may not need to bother replanting. Ukraine relies on Europe to take the vast majority of it's rapeseed, but new biofuel sustainability laws could scupper that little niche this time round:

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