Ukraine To Start Importing Wheat?

Having aggressively exported the stuff like it's going out of style during the first half of the marketing year, Ukraine's wheat exports have slowed dramatically since the turn of the year.

It seems clear that they have nothing left of any quality to sell. Indeed, if it's quality you're after then there probably isn't a lot of point giving Poundland Ukraine a tinkle.

Milling wheat is now so short on the ground that they may need to import up to 1 MMT of the stuff just to see them through to the next harvest, according to some reports I am hearing.

No doubt the newly elected government will have a handy scapegoat to blame in so much wheat being allowing so be exported under the old regime.

Seeing as you can reclaim VAT on wheat exports, I wonder if there's VAT to pay on wheat imports? No doubt someone will email me the answer to that passing thought. Not that I suppose that the government are into doing contra's, mind you, but if I was owed millions in VAT on exports then I'd be willing to give it a try.

Kazakhstan might be the favourites to supply Ukraine I hear, taking advantage of their government's recently announced hefty subsidy programme.