Abengoa Rotterdam Ready To Rumble

Abengoa's flagship Rotterdam bioethanol refinery is set to start production this week, according to media reports.

The plant is slightly larger in size than Ensus and will churn out 480 million litres of bioethanol, if and when it gets up to running at full capacity. Abengoa themselves are saying that they expect to be running full tilt as early as June.

Although the company list the feedstock as "grain" I gather that this means "wheat normally". Hurrah, that's another 1 MMT+ of surplus wheat taken care of.

The plant will also kick out 360,000 MT of DDGS, according to the official company website. That's a lot more DDGS on the European market, maybe we aren't going to miss Bunge Mannheim as much as we thought come the autumn? I wonder if they've put in a pelleting press to allow the by-product to more easily "travel"? Answers on a postcard please to the usual address.