Australia: NSW Plantings Latest

Industry & Investment NSW report mixed planting conditions in the state where "some districts have been able to capitalise on the good seedbed and full subsoil moisture profiles to almost complete winter crop plantings" yet other districts have almost no crops planted at all.

"Most areas are now in need of good rainfall to consolidate crops that have been sown, and enable the remaining crop to be sown," they say.

They forecast wheat plantings of of 2.91 M ha, 6% below the 3.10 M ha forecast at the same time last year. An estimated 1.63 M ha, or 56%, has been planted so far they say.

Current estimates have 36% of the north sown, 69% of the potential area sown in the centre and 54% in the south. Widespread rains (25-50 mm) are needed in the north east and south west to allow planting to recommence, they add.

Barley sowing predictions of 755,200 ha are similar to earlier forecasts, with around 47% planted so far. In the north only around 19% is sown, reflecting the dry conditions, 63% in the centre and 45% in the south, they estimate.

"The area estimated to be sown to canola is 304,050 ha, up 12,200 ha on the April forecast. About 91% of the crop has been sown, with the remaining area to be sown in the next two weeks," they conclude.