Not Exactly Hot Is It?

In fact it's freezing. Adas reported last week that crops in the UK are generally 7-10 days behind normal development, and they don't look like they are going to catch up over the coming fortnight that's for sure.

Martell Crop Projections are forecasting temperatures to stay between 4-8 degrees below normal for the time of year for the rest of the week, and there's a similar situation in store for most of Spain, France and Germany too:

Metcheck say "the outlook continues to be a cool one, and there is a notable risk of frost by night too over the next few nights which is of big concern for gardeners and growers."

Although it's currently cloudy in the north of the country and we've had a bit of light rain overnight, these clouds and showers are forecast to fade away tonight, "with skies clearing a widespread frost is expected. This frost could be quite sharp in places too, and not just for tonight but over the coming nights as well," they warn.

Temperatures here in North Yorkshire are forecast to dip to -2 tonight, with lows of -5 seen for the early hours of both Wednesday and Thursday morning. Night-time sub-zero lows are also on the cards for the weekend.

Beyond that things don't look like getting a whole lot better either at this early stage, with 14C the warmest daytime temperature in the forecast for the following week. As well as remaining unseasonably cold it is also seen staying largely dry.