Ukraine Latest

My Ukraine agronomy chum Mike Lee bemoans on his blog (here) that he's had his water turned off in Kiev for a fortnight now.

Liverpool-supporting Mike (yes they even have them over there,) appears not to have realised that the Ukraine Water Board have probably singled him out for a playful bit of lesson teaching.

Or possibly they thought that as Kopite scum hardly ever wash, they were just doing some research to see how long it would be before he noticed?

Mike has managed to haul his smelly unwashed frame out into the Ukraine countryside and shoot a very interesting video of the state of play with the local wheat and OSR crops over there, which is well worth a watch. He even slipped out of his Stevie G replica top to don a proper shirt before he took it too. He's also thrown in a quick excerpt of what is No1 in Ukraine this week at the end of the video, keep up the good work Mike!