If Rain Makes Grain, Does Drought Make Nowt?

If the old saying rain makes grain is true, then presumably drought makes nowt? Now I wouldn't exactly go as far as saying we are in a drought situation but it is very dry though. Really dry for May. Poor Mrs N #3 is run ragged with her pot watering. It's a good job "wheat is a weed" to use another old adage, because if it was anything else it would be dead by now.

The weather here has turned around dramatically this week. We were scraping frost off the car just a week ago, yet this morning the overnight low locally was 9.5C and temps are currently around 20C with highs of 25C forecast for the weekend. No rain though, Sunday is our next shot at any according to Metcheck.

Just checked on the official Met Office website (some very useful maps here) to see what "normal" rainfall is for May. Where I am, and across most of the main wheat producing areas of the country, they are saying 40-60mm - but so far this month we've only had 6.3mm in my part of North Yorkshire. The last serious downpour was on April 3rd when 13.2mm of rain fell.

Wheat around here is looking really short & has hardly seen any growth at all during the past month under these conditions.