Was It Just Me

Who had an enlightening "I really don't give a monkey's" moment during the game? Am I the only one who thought, you're getting what you deserve you overpaid bunch of self-important muppets? You're not as good as you thought you were are you, not by a very long chalk? Ha, ha Mr Rooney, you petulant plastic Manc.

"We played well at 2-1," says Capello to the BBC, lamenting the goal that wasn't "was the most important moment of the game". What? For the sixty seconds between Upson's goal and Lampard's "goal" we played well, for the remaining 89 minutes it was ineptitude of the highest order. To have maybe gone in at halftime level would have been an enormous shock after what was served up by that lot in red.

And Lord save us when our best hope to save the sinking ship is to brink on Heskey and a little lad with rickets.