EU Wheat Closing Comments

Nov London wheat closed GBP2.70 lower at GBP131.25/tonne; Nov Paris wheat ended EUR2.25 lower at EUR177.50/tonne.

Nov Paris corn finished EUR1.75 higher at EUR165.25/tonne; Nov Paris rapeseed fell EUR3.50 to EUR363.25/tonne; Nov Paris malting barley closed down EUR1 at EUR188.00/tonne.

It was a quiet start to the week. The trade is still cautious of Russian output after weekend temperatures reportedly hit a July record of 37.7 C in Moscow on Saturday.

It seems that EU prices are now treading water until more is know about the harvest here.

In the UK they are now cutting barley as far north as North Yorkshire, average yields nationally so far are coming in at 6.5 MT/ha, according to Farming Online.

News out of France and Germany seems to have gone quiet, I suspect however that things are not as bad as they first thought.