Farmer Takes On Potato Challenge

Is one intriguing headline in the Yorkshire Post that catches my roving eye this morning here.

This 21 year old lad has been made "Yorkshire's Ambassador for Potatoes" apparently. Twenty one is a bit young to be an ambassador for that sort of thing surely? An ambassador for singing the National Anthem whilst wearing only an England shirt clutching a bottle of tequila in Aiya Napa maybe, but not that.

Still, undaunted, young Ben rams home his message: "I'm trying to get across the message that potatoes are a good nutritious food and can be as fast to prepare as any rival. I often go to to the fields to lift a few premieres and put them in a bit of water in a bowl in the microwave. That way they are ready in two or three minutes."

Jaimie Oliver must be cacking himself reading that. Keep an eye out for Egon Ronay coming a callin, Benny Boy. It would make an entertaining Masterchef though wouldn't it? Dishing up a microwaved potato in a bowl of water to Greg Wallace and John Torode. "It's beautifully presented in that Pyrex bowl, Ben, but I can't help feeling it needs a little more oomph. And this sauce is just too runny. It's kind of lacking a little in flavour."

"Let's move onto your desert, the ice pop..."