I Might Have Mentioned This Before But....

Celebrity Masterchef, do you watch it? I do, although I am already a bit of a celebrity already of course, courtesy of you my lovely readers, and I can slice up a spring onion with the best of them.

Anyway have you noticed something different about the celebrity version and the Joe Public variety? I have.

"Tonight Gregg, we're looking for something that little bit different, someone who can go the extra mile. They've got a full beef fillet, caviare, saffron, monkfish, lobster tails, wagyu beef and truffles, to cook us one dish in just four hours."

Whereas the non-celebs get "a pigs tongue, a pork pie, a banana, a slice of Asda econo bread and a tin of mushy peas, ten minutes do your best."

These lads are clearly unfamiliar with the concept of quitting whilst you're ahead.