IGC Issue Revised Export Figures

The senile old duffers at the IGC have revised yesterday's export numbers before the ink has even had time to dry.

They've just heard that there's a drought going on in Russia, which they seem to think might have a negative import on exports out of the region this year.

They didn't hear about the drought until today as the regular carrier pigeon they usually use is on holiday, and they've got a student in to cover for him.

They've dropped their July 2010-June 2011 Russian grain export estimate from yesterday's 15.8 MMT to 13.4 MMT today. To help balance that they've upped US exports by 2.5 MMT to 82.9 MMT.

I wouldn't like to be in the queue behind the IGC in the Post Office, would you?

"Hello it's the IGC here, could we have some saving stamps and a quarter of Uncle Joe's Mintballs please. That's a lovely smile Miss, I used to have teeth you know. Oh, and some stamps. Nice jumper too, with those little flowers on it. Can I send this parcel to my sister in Vancouver, she's 103. Never been married. Is it all right if I use your toilet. Ooops too late, never mind eh? Money, no I haven't got any money. And a couple of fish heads for the cat. He sleeps in the bed with me you know. Can you smell something funny?"