The IGC Smell Of Wee And Mint Imperials

Returning refreshed from an enforced month away on medication, the IGC have today cut their estimate of global wheat production by 13 MMT to 651 MMT.

It was only last month that they inexplicably raised it 4 MMT from their previous estimate saying that increased production in the US, China, Australia and Iran would more than compensate for losses elsewhere around the globe. They didn't call that one too well did they?

They probably just got a bit confused with these new fangled tonnes, it was all hundredweights in their day, bless.

IGC slashes 13m tonnes from wheat crop estimate say, if there's any slashing getting done their trousers would be the first place I'd be checking.

You wouldn't exactly trust them to rewire your house would you? Still, I'm looking forward to getting a nicely patterned jumper off them for Christams.

They also said that the were "extremely bullish" about our chances in the Boer War.

An official from the IGC, possibly