Momma, Just Killed A Badger, Ohohohoh

Beelzebub, has a badger put aside for meeeeeeee...Queen guitarist Brian May has apparently thrown the weight of his Gibson Les Paul behind calls to stop the badger cull.

The rock star amusingly turns from "legendary Queen guitarist" to "Dr May, who has a PhD in astrophysics" halfway through this article in the Farmer's Guardian, as if that has a bearing on anything.

I remember seeing "legendary Genesis drummer" Phil Collins on the telly once. No not when he did Live Aid, it was Everton versus Spurs in the 1995 FA Cup semi-final. I love early Genesis, and had been quite an admirer of Spurs-supporting Phil Collins up until then. And I'm watching the game, and it's halftime, and Everton are winning nicely, and they trot Phil Collins out to give us his impression of the first half. And I'm thinking why would I or anybody else be interested in what "legendary Genesis drummer" has to say about a professional football match. I don't expect to hear badgers discussing the merits of the latest single by Michael Buble do I? If you get my drift.