Review Of The Week

I don't always get time to do this, but this week in particular I thought it would be especially interesting to put up a league table of the week's performances by the different grains:

Commodity Month Fri Close Weekly Change %
Paris malting barley Nov 169.50 +14.00 +9.0%
Paris wheat Nov 150.25 +10.75 +7.7%
London wheat Nov 111.00 +7.75 +7.5%
CBOT corn Jul 364.00 +23.75 +7.0%
Paris corn Nov 153.25 +8.25 +5.7%
CBOT wheat Jul 478.75 +22.50 +4.9%
CBOT soymeal Jul 294.90 +5.30 +1.8%
CBOT soybeans Jul 962.75 +5.75 +0.1%
Paris rapeseed Nov 326.75 -5.50 -1.7%
CBOT soyoil Jul 36.01 -1.15 -3.1%

Crude oil if you are wondering was 8.5% down on the week, closing at just over USD72/barrel, hence the weakness in soyoil and rapeseed.

After a volatile week, overall the pound closed 1.7 cents higher against the dollar, and fell half a cent against the euro on the week, although it fell 2 1/2 cents against the euro from midweek highs.

Another interesting performer was the Baltic Dry Index, which fell 8.8% during the course of the week, it's now declined for 27 sessions in a row and is 46% down in less than six weeks.