Russia To Sell Off Intervention Stocks Domestically

Twenty three Russian districts have now declared state of emergencies due to what media reports are calling the "worst drought in 130 years".

Agriculture Minister Yelena Skrynnik has said that the government will sell "at least" 3 MMT of the state-owned intervention grain stockpile to "struggling meat and dairy producers in the drought-affected areas."

Yet still they continue to sell their soul to the devil, or in this case GASC. I'm sensing a possible long hard winter of discontent in Russia this year as and when the public find out that the family silver has been exported to Egypt.

Meanwhile, some "enterprising" Moscow taxi drivers are now apparently charging their fares extra for using the air conditioning, according to some reports. More than 1,200 Russians are said to have died so far this month, mostly by drowning whist attempting to take refuge as temperatures reached near-historic record levels of 36.5C.