The Baltic Dry Index closed 41 points down at 2406 yesterday, day 25 of straight declines.

Reports from France suggest that early barley yields are 5-10% down on last year.

Hearing that early Ukraine rapeseed yields are also disappointing, down 15-20%.

Iraq is tendering for "at least" 100,000 MT of wheat.

Tate & Lyle have announced that it has signed an agreement for the sale of its EU Sugar Refining operations to American Sugar Refining, Inc. for GBP211 million.

The HGCA say that "a return to dry weather in the latter half of the month (June), accompanied by high temperatures, has increased soil moisture deficits, with some over 125mm in the drier eastern counties, and concerns remain over potential yield impact if the dry period continues during grain fill." The say that the earliest UK winter barley and winter oilseed rape crops will be ready for harvesting in 2-3 weeks.