They Must Be Mad

Just days after announcing the launch of their innovative new free mobile app, Dalmark Grain have gone even further by bringing out a big brother for it in the shape of a new "portal" website

The idea behind the new site is that it will provide futures prices, charts, news, currency rates, market reports etc via a series of "windows" all one one webpage. These separate windows can be opened and closed as required giving the viewer the ability to customise what information he wishes to view at any one time, avoiding too much clutter, they say.

As with the mobile site, it's also FREE to all, and doesn't even require any registration. On top of that, to promote the launch of the two they're giving away an iPhone 3GS to one lucky visitor. Proof I think, if it were needed, that they really must be mad.

If you're looking to buy any grain at the moment then it might be worth giving them a call, as they're clearly so bonkers that they might not have noticed that the market's shot up this past few days and they might be giving that away too!