Ukraine Harvest Latest

Heavy rains continue to dog the harvest in Ukraine, where so far 4 MMT of grains and oilseeds have been harvested as of July 9th, according to the Ag Ministry. This time last year favourable weather conditions meant that over 6.5 MMT had been harvested, they say.

Yields are down 5.4%, averaging 2.43 Mt/ha, as opposed to 2.57 MT/ha.

Most of what has been cut is barley, accounting for 2.65 MMT of the total, with yields averaging 2.37 MT/ha. Ukraine farmers have also cut 1.25 MMT of wheat at an average yield of 2.71 MT/ha and 0.51 MMT of rapeseed, yielding 1.46 MT/ha.

More widespread rain over the weekend is causing concerns of winter barley starting to deteriorate, and means that OSR ready to harvest is going to have to wait a while longer yet to dry out.