Another Rant: Students

There they are on the news tonight, bleating about how they've been unfairly diddled out of University places. The lazy workshy buggers. Get a grip, you shouldn't have to simply turn up at an entrance exam and put your name at the top of the sheet of paper to get in.

"I've got four A stars" gushes Clarissa, hugging Naomi, Paris and India.

Four A stars in what I ask? And what are stars anyway, they didn't have stars in my day, and how much more than 25% correct do you have to score to get them?

I got an A star in eating Kellogg's corn flakes this morning, does that get me in?

Lets face it, kids are no cleverer now than they were in the good old days, indeed they're a pretty stupid bunch by and large (your kid excepted of course).

In fact a leftover Blairite society that encourages, or indeed expects, every spotty youth in the land to go to University is downright stupid. In my humble opinion of course.

It's just a way of avoiding getting a job isn't it at the end of the day? Hanging's too good for them. Let's bring back conscription. Or firing squads.

Hitler was a hard man, but fair. Say what you like about him, but he always made the trains run on time....