EU Wheat Closing Comments

November London wheat closed GBP5.05/tonne higher at GBP152.65/tonne, with November Paris wheat up EUR6.25/tonne at EUR213.00/tonne.

Tunisia were in the market for wheat today, but interestingly usurped their normal mates Ukraine by stipulating wheat that they wanted wheat from outside the Black Sea area.

Jordan bought 100,000 MT of German wheat today.

French analysts Strategie Grains cut their EU-27 2010/11 soft wheat production estimate to 128.2 MMT, that's down 1% from last month and 2.5 MMT below last season's output.

The USDA cut the world wheat crop to 645.7 MMT, some 4.3 MMT lower than the 650 MMT that the trade was expecting.