Everybody Hurts

In the words of REM. I think Michael Stipe must have written that one after a day riding "Taffy" in the Lakeland fells. Not so much pony trekking as shire horse trekking in my case as one helpful walker pointed out.

You possibly haven't spent an entire morning legs akimbo with only a fully girthed shire horse for company I don't suppose? (Jordan probably has, but I don't suppose she frequents here).

Today I'm walking around like John Wayne with a fully laden colostomy bag. Hardly ideal preparation for today's fun-filled activity of kayaking then.

Still at least the rain has stopped, although I strongly suspect that I'm going to be getting wet anyway.

Talking of which much of the standing UK, German and Polish wheat crops have been getting a thorough soaking I read.

Egypt's GASC have bought the thick end of a million tonnes of wheat since the Russian export ban came in, with around three quarters of it from France by my calculations. Most of the remainder coming from Germany and Canada, with only a token 55,000 MT being of US origin.

Although private Egyptian buyers have bought US wheat, GASC still seem to think it's too dear.

Hence last night's sharp decline in Chicago, although I see that things have partially recovered overnight. Wheat still remains potentially the weakest leg of the "big three" in my book, followed by corn and soybeans in that order.

Now then, where did I put those lycra shorts....