Julia Bradbury's Baps

BBC love goddess Julia Bradbury, in an exclusive Nogger interview given in my sleep last night, reveals her obsession with baps and other food-related consumables.

"A lightly buttered bap has to be the choice at breakfast time," Julia huskily opined.

"They're an integral part of the ultimate bacon butty. Personally, if I have a choice, then the cut of bacon for me has to be back. Scuttling that, I'll frequently opt for the double sausage option, after first helping myself to a decent portion of organic yoghurt," she added.

"When I'm filming I frequently share a roll with fellow crew members at lunchtime," she continued. "Sometimes, if I'm really hungry, I can devour an entire baguette in just one gulp. Unless it's got cheese on it."

"By the time I get home from work all hot and sticky, I'll usually have a quick shower followed by something simple like a marmite sandwich before I collapse exhausted," she concluded.

Tomorrow, why I love chocolate fingers by Dale Winton.