Morning Snippets

The Russian Ministry have cut their grain crop production estimate to 70-75 MMT, saying that around half of that, 35.5 MMT, has already been harvested. There is now a state of emergency in 27 states. If the drought news wasn't bad enough some news reports are now suggesting that an area of 1.8 million hectares bordering Kazakhstan also has a locust infestation.

The Kazakh Ministry have dropped their grain production forecast from "13.5-14.5 MMT" to 13.5 MMT. Harvested area will fall 1 million ha from last season to 15.6 million ha, they add.

Ukraine's Deputy PM has said that the recently introduced export restriction on wheat should be removed, suggesting that with carryover from last season they could still export 17 MMT of grains this year.

Australia continues to be a "game of two halves" with prospects looking almost ideal in the east but poor in the west. Wheat production in the dry Western Australia state is seen falling to around 6-7 MMT this year from 8.25 MMT in 2009.