Random Ramblings

Try googling Ensus, currently the third and fourth most popular searches are "Ensus smell" and "Ensus odour". A local guy I know tells me that the new chimneys have had "absolutely no beneficial effect whatsoever". Ensus say that they have a new cunning plan, but it may take until Q2 2011 to put into place. "Multi million" pound plan not to be sniffed at

My Canadian correspondent, Brad Eggum, tells me from his southern Saskatchewan base that although they "must have nearly 3 times our normal rainfall this season...however, as you recently mentioned rain makes grain, and how."

"Crops here have generally managed to produce to the potential of the fertility available to them. And the moisture and warmth look to have performed the task of mineralizing nutrients in the soil very well. Normally this area has available moisture as the limiting growth factor," says Brad.

"It is difficult to get a grasp on production through Western Canada this season. I feel most crops that got in the ground should have decent to very good yield potential. Frost before 2nd week September remains a significant production factor for the last 25% of the crop and a quality factor on another 15%. The biggest unknown yet, is how many acres are actually producing a crop in Western Canada this season," he eruditely concludes.

I was shocked to hear that our beloved PM was planning to give his new daughter a middle name that was synonymous with Cornwall. I wouldn't go calling any child of mine "Incest" that's for sure. Pasty maybe...

Who speaks French? Apart from French people obviously. If you do then this might interest you: http://www.radioagri.info/. If not, at least find time to have a chortle at the journo's names on there. Fanny Lesbros for example.

Here's an interesting study by Macquaire entitled "Why this is not 2007/08 (yet)". It brings up several valid arguments and highlights some key differences between then and now.