A Sign Of The Times?

A shortage of forage has seen an increase in the theft of hay, according to the BBC here. That's the price you pay for living in the country. Despite all the mickey-taking I've endured over the years due to my Scouse origins (what do you call a Scouser in a suit, the accused etc), I can honestly say that hay theft simply never happened round our way. Ha.

On a similar note, one guy I was talking to the other day said that he'd gone to the local "village hop" at the weekend. Where they all sit round on straw bales, drink cider and snog their sister, that sort of thing.

One member of the local Young Farmers group was sat idly on one of the bales, pulling it apart (presumably he needed something to do with his hands temporarily whilst his sister had popped out to "get herself ready").

Anyway, the farmer who had supplied the straw bales actually sent somebody over to have a word with said youth to tell him to stop what he was doing "as that stuff's worth a lot of money you know."