UK Beats Defra's Wheat Export Target In 2009/10

Figures out today reveal that the UK exported 2.43 MMT of wheat in 2009/10 (July/June), down by almost a third on 2008/09 but still some 230,000 MT above Defra's target for the marketing year.

Three cheers for the hapless Spanish, they were the main export home as usual. We managed to con them into taking 1.26 MMT of our "burdensome" stocks during the entire marketing year, that's up by a third on 2008/09. The muppets.

Pity we conned them at the bottom of the market though.

Still we did manage to stitch up the Philippines and Yanks too, erm that was also at the bottom of the market.

The Dutch then? Portuguese? We even kippered the Germans. What we sold to that lot at the bottom of the market as well?

Still at least we beat them in the football. Not the recent football obviously, I'm talking about the good old days when the refs could tell whether the ball was over the line or not.

Look, the bottom line is we managed to shift more tonnage than expected, at the bottom of the market I'll grant you, but we shifted it. It was getting burdensome. We were awash with the stinking stuff.

Get me the Spanish on line two..."No no senor, we sent you some wheat on holiday, we didn't sell it. No it was just going away for a couple of weeks and now we want it back. The line's gone dead..."