UK Harvest Latest

The HGCA say that the UK wheat harvest is "just over 25%" done, with winter barley 99% complete and spring barley almost 20% complete.

Wheat yields it says are "slightly below the UK 5 year average of 7.9 MT/ha" without giving an exact figure for this season. That would appear to be better than the 10% down that many in the trade had been expecting. Yields range from 5.6 MT/ha in the north west to 8.1 M/ha in the east, they say.

Winter barley yields are "below the UK 5 year average of 6.5 MT/ha" they say. Spring barley yields are also down on the dry summer conditions, they add.

The winter OSR harvest is pegged at 90% done with yields "highly variable" but overall expected to be above the average of 3.3 MT/ha. The spring OSR harvest has yet to start.

Farming Online's survey into UK yields this year would tend to agree with the HGCA's findings on barley and OSR, but still has wheat yields around 10% down on last year. They currently peg wheat at 7.12 MT/ha, barley at 6.34 MT/ha and OSR at 3.6 MT/ha.