Was It Just Me (Yet Again)

Watching the highlights of the Charity Shield match last night that thought neither side looked much cop. Were they simply out for a stroll before the real action starts next week, or are they really just not very good?

I can't see Sir Alex's motley collection of ageing has beens contributing much this season somehow. Despite being joint favourite to finish as the Premier League's top scorer a certain Mr Woodbine Rooney couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo at the moment.

The guy has clearly become mentally unhinged and being "not the sharpest tool in the box" (an assortment of nice pun material there for the discerning reader) will be a very easy wind-up target at every away game across the country I should think. The lovable Red will be picking up reds all over the place before trudging off the pitch muttering profanities and throwing his shirt petulantly to the ground.

Even so ManYoo still somehow managed to end up fairly comfortable winners against a Chelski side that already look tired. Again opposition supporters will be spoilt for choice as to who to boo next when they come to town.