Just Suppose

You switch on the telly right now to see a news report on the BBC (hypothetically) that says a surge in demand means that petrol is going get a bit tight. What would you do? Nothing probably.

But just suppose you were Huw Edwards (I know he's Welsh and therefore it's an unlikely scenario, but go with me). Suppose you were, and you decided to sex things up a little. Throw a few of your own words in there, like "good evening, petrol prices are set to sky-rocket as the pumps run dry. Analysts say that the country could run out of fuel within days," for example.

That would cause an surge in demand alright wouldn't it? And a strong rise in the price of oil too no doubt. There'd be nobody left to hear the rest of the report, because we'd all be scrambling for our car keys and rushing out of the door.

It would all become a self-fulfilling prophecy wouldn't it? You wouldn't exactly be lying would you?

Just suppose you were a high-rolling fund manager instead and the newsreader was your best mate, brother-in-law, had some "peculiar tastes" or you knew he'd just lost half a million quid on the horses.

Or you're a high-rolling fund manager, who is well connected with people in other avenues of the media. Some of those people may also have money "invested" in the self-same commodities as you might they not?

Just a thought...