Russia Latest

The Russian grain harvest currently stands at 58.2 MMT off 86% of the total area to be harvested, according to the Ag Ministry.

Wheat output accounts for 39.1 MMT and barley 8.0 MMT so far, they say.

Harvesting is still ongoing in Siberia, the Urals and Krasnodar Krai, but should be finished within about a fortnight, say the Ministry.

Once the final results of the harvest are known the existing export ban will be lifted "from the food safety point of view" according to the Russian Minister of Agriculture, Elena Skrynnik.

That should be interesting. Presumably exports will be blocked by some other political means. They aren't exactly going to throw the barn doors open and start honouring existing commitments to Egypt and all are they? Lifting the embargo will be nothing more than a cosmetic move in my opinion.