UK Wheat Harvest Likely Around 15 MMT

The UK wheat harvest is now 95% done say ADAS, with yields down 3-5% at 7.5-7.7 MT/ha. With a planted area of around 2 million ha this season, that would suggest a wheat crop of 15-15.4 MMT. Allowing for the fact that what is left to cut is mostly in the wilds of Scotland, let's go with a nice round figure at the low end of the scale of 15 MMT.

A contribution of a million tonnes in round figures is what we can expect from our Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish brethren.

That would seem to suggest that the NFU were indeed guilty of talking their own book again earlier in the week with their English crop estimate of 13.5 MMT. To the tune of half a million tonnes, coincidentally exactly the same amount that they were on the low side with in 2009.

A crop of 15 MMT would be an increase of 4% on 2009.

Similar calculations using a winter barley yield of 6.2-6.3 MT/ha and a spring barley yield of 5.0-5.2 MT/ha suggest a combined UK crop of only 4.8 MMT this season, a 29% fall on last year.