Ukraine Latest

Harvesting of corn is ongoing in Ukraine, with private firms estimating the final grain crop at 40-40.5 MMT, a little better than the Ag Ministry's most recent figure of 38.6 MMT.

The grain harvest is seen at 86% complete as of Sept 20th, with final yields around 9% down on last year. Wheat production is seen at around 18 MMT, with barley production in the region of 9.25 MMT.

Rain has moved into central areas and is finally pushing east, which will aid winter plantings.

Although there is no official export embargo, vessels loaded with grain are still reportedly held up at the ports awaiting customs clearance.

Exactly what game the government are playing is unclear. It may be that this ruse is designed to prevent further domestic price rises, and encourage local selling.

Kiev-based agronomist Mike Lee reports on his blog that "the block on wheat exports has done a fair job at keeping the local price at 1,500UAH (121GBP) for the last month and as far as I know customs still hold 24 ships in port on drummed up technical charges."