Another Thing That Really Annoys Me

Halloween. The supermarkets have been full of Halloween stuff for a couple of weeks now as they attempt to squeeze more blood out of our stone-like wallets and purses.

A report on Reuters today reveals that as far as Tesco are concerned only Christmas and Easter are bigger earning events. They expect to sell GBP55 million of Halloween-related products this year, the money-grabbing cynical parasites.

We used to dunk for apples when we were kids, not wander the streets begging for sweets. Trick or treat my arse. Get in and get your homework done.

Mind you, MrsN#1 always came in useful at Halloween. I'm not saying she was ugly, but if she'd have been a font she'd have been wingdings. It was a right palaver trying to get the kids to sleep at night after she'd read them a bedtime story I can tell you. No wonder our electricity bill was so high.