The French Are Revolting

21/10/10 -- You can say what you like about the French, and I usually do, but they certainly know how to organise a good strike.

A quarter of all petrol stations in the country have already run dry, as the nation's refinery workers join forces with dockers and other militants to down tools in protest at the prospect of having to work until they're sixty-two the poor lambs.

"It's ridiculous, I've had to go to twelve petrol stations before I could find enough fuel to light my molotov cocktails," said one protester.

Electricity is also running low, so thoughtful protesters have started setting Citroens on fire so that they can blockade roads in safety.

An unmoved French PM Nicolas Sarkozy told reporters "I'm not right bothered our kid, there's more important things in life. Have you seen my wife's three penny bits? I can have a go on them any time I like, that's democracy for you."