Next Week I Will Mostly Be Buying One Of These

28/10/10 -- The Samsung Galaxy Tab, a kind of iPhone and iPad combined. Yes, I know it hasn't got the little Apple logo on the back of it, but it does a whole lot that the iPad can't do.

Like make a phone call for instance, and for me the all important ability to display flash and java. Internet commonplace they may be, but if Big Mr Jobs doesn't like them then they don't get supported by Apple do they?

There's also cameras front and back, not that I plan on whipping it out to take pictures on it, but the front facing video camera opens up all sorts of video conferencing potential. Download an android skype app and hey presto video conferencing with my brother in Australia for free via wifi.

As well as 16GB of onboard storage there's also a micro-SD card slot and the comforting knowledge that it runs on Google's open-sourced Android OS, rather than Apple's closed-shop super-secretive version.

And guess what it has USB connectivity too, who'd have thought of a wacky off the wall crazy idea like that eh? Not Mr Jobs that's for sure.