Ukraine Latest

18/10/10 -- The Ukraine Grain Association say that, export quotas or not, customs officials are still effectively blocking grain exports entirely.

The government have finally agreed on the size of export quotas, settling at 2 MMT of corn, 0.5 MMT of wheat and 0.2 MMT of barley, valid until the end of the year.

The customs service completely deny that exports are being held up, and say that they are simply looking for a pen.

Of course once they are back in the market as sellers again, next season or whenever, all this will affect their stature as a "pukka" supplier. That said, they weren't exactly flavour of the month prior to all this where they? Even Egypt refused to take their name.

So what will they do then? That's right drop their prices until they get to a level where someone can't say no. Again.