Australia Latest

15/11/10 -- Persistent rains in the east are hampering early harvest efforts Down Under, although production is seen rising, the weather is causing serious quality concerns.

Premiums for high protein Australian Prime Hard (APH) wheat have reportedly reached fifteen year highs over Australia Prime White (APW) wheat.

According to Australian Crop Forecasters (ACF) the nation will have it's second largest wheat crop on record, increasing it's production forecast to 25.5 MMT from an October estimate of 23.9 MMT.

Although output in parched Western Australia state is seen at only 3.5 MMT, from an October estimate of 4.1 MMT and less than half of the 8.2 MMT reaped last season, production elsewhere will be bumper, they say.

New South Wales is expected to harvest a record wheat crop of 11 MMT, up from an October estimate of 10 MMT, and more than double last season's crop of 5.1 MMT, they add.

Australia's record wheat crop was the 26.1 MMT reaped in 2003/04.