Australian Rapeseed Outlook

16/11/10 -- Similar to the outlook for Australian wheat production this season, rapeseed crops in the east are getting bigger and those in Western Australia state are shrinking.

The Australian Oilseeds Federation says that the national crop will be around 150,000 MT up on last season at 2.045 MMT.

Crops in NSW are doing well after an "extremely favourable season" with production in the state increased from an estimated 605,000 MT in October to 650,000 MT this month.

Yields in NSW are seen "well above average" with oil content also higher than normal.

The crop in WA however has been downgraded from an estimated 675,000 MT last month to 590,000 MT this month.

Production in Victoria is seen unchanged from October at 455,000 MT, whilst Southern Australia's crop has been upgraded slightly to 350,000 MT.

Continued rain in the east is causing some harvesting delays in NSW and Victoria, they added.