Record Crops In South Australia

05/11/10 -- We keep reading about it being too dry in the West and too wet in the East, so I guess it should come as no huge surprise to hear that things are just corker in that bit in the middle.

South Australia they imaginatively call it, the state where the locals are affectionately known as crow eaters. They'll probably be as cross as a frog in a sock reading this, if any of them could read that is, but I am reliably informed that they can't so we'll press on.

Wheat growers in the state will be tempted to hit the turps on the back of a bin-busting 5.4 MMT crop this season, up 35% on last year and almost double the state's five year average of 2.76 MMT.

"Timely rainfall during September and October, together with ongoing cool to mild temperatures, enabled crops to grow in near ideal conditions. Crops are generally in excellent condition and continue to ripen relatively slowly in the absence of any sustained hot weather, with harvesting to start later than normal and extend over a long period." says the state's November Crop and Pasture Report. Bonzer!