Tweet, Tweet

24/11/10 -- One post on Twitter that catches my eye today, with Thanksgiving in mind is this one:

Deep frying your #turkey? Make sure your #peanut oil is still fresh. Opened jar lasts 4-6 months, unopened is 1 yr.

I can honestly say that deep frying a turkey in peanut oil is something that simply had never occurred to me to be a thing to even try and attempt. We always deep fry ours in lard up north.

Of course my dear old Mum always used to put the turkey on around lunchtime on Christmas Eve in our house, just to ensure that it was properly cooked through like. God bless her. Although I suspect that deep frying it in peanut oil for 24 hours may have caused it to be a tad "overcrisp" by lunchtime the next day.

I wonder how your average health conscious Septic deep fries his lard?