50,000 Monkeys Can't Be Wrong

31/01/11 -- Misguided maybe, but never wrong. There are now 50,000 such transient simians visiting Nogger's Blog every month.

Good news for the advertisers over there on the right, so give yourselves a collective pat on the back. Those clever sods get their names exposed to those 50,000 traders, farmers and admittedly the odd assorted fruit cake/conspiracy theorist every month for an incredibly nominal fee.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and the Sultan of Brunei: look what you could have won if only you'd had the brains and foresight to advertise on here. You must be kicking yourselves right now I reckon. Ha, oh and up yours too Richard Branson, you muppet. And get a haircut, look at the state of you man, you look like him out of the Bee Gees (not the dead one obviously), you're well out of date - get yourself a number one all over like me, skin is in. Trust me, you'll be beating off the women with a stick like I am if you get one of those, not hanging around the departure lounge looking like something the cat's dragged in.

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