Global Weather Highlights

06/01/11 -- World agri-weather highlights from Martell Crop Projections:

  • US hard red wheat forecast includes chance for precipitation in Kansas and Oklahoma wheat areas

  • Brazil forecast turning dry in the southern soybean states; mid 90s F yesterday in Mato Grosso

  • Argentina heavy rainfall predicted in southernmost growing areas; primary corn and soy region dry on GFS model forecast

  • Turning hot in northern Argentina, Paraguay, Rio Grande do Sul; highs yesterday upper 80s - low 90s F

  • Western Europe expecting heavy precipitation; stormy winter to continue on mainland

  • Moderate to heavy rains occurred in Queensland; more showers in the forecast; flooding again

  • Frigid temps keep a grip on huge area of Asia, Russia Siberia, Kazakhstan, Western and Northern China, 35 to 40 F below zero (Arctic Oscillation)

  • Wet winter continues in South China winter rapeseed area. Freeze-thaw conditions may be causing icing

  • Colder temps yesterday in Russia Black Sea wheat; dormancy finally setting in; no winter kill worries with temps only near freezing

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