Huey Green?

04/01/11 -- A quick spin around the nation's environmentally friendly planet-saving fledgling bioethanol industry reveals that all is still far from well.

After causing uproar in the Redcar area, with local residents complaining of nausea (Huey Green - geddit?) and all other manner of medical complaints, Wilton-based Ensus responded by doubling the height of it's steam stack in an effort to minimise the smell problem in July.

All that has done is however is to spread the problem further afield, according to this report: Stench, from Laboratiore Garnier.

The company intend an end of April shutdown when two regenerative thermal oxidisers will be installed to resolve the issue once and for all, they say.

Further down the coast, under construction Vivergo are also now starting to come under fire as being maybe not quite as green as it says on the tin, according to this report: There's 50,000 artics in Saltend.

That report says that there will be 50,000 CO2 spewing lorries a year taking wheat into the plant, and that one of the only three roads in is "already in a state of near collapse".